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The multimedia installation

Gio Janiashvili - responsible for concept, visual design, and sound installation.
David Janiashvili - responsible for visual design, and technical construction.

Mannequin, wool, wooden and metal construction, tank, hose, glycerine, natural paint, engine, vine switch, reservoir, incense, lighting, quadraphonic sound installation. Duration: Indefinite

The exhibition at the Georgian National Museum - Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia. Presented as part of the project I See WIth My Fingers curated by Ketevan Matabeli, Tbilisi, 2016.

Exhibition photo:

The concept of Static Drama as conceived by Gio Janiashvili is intended to involve the viewer (visitor) into the process of thinking about the suggested theme and to immerse him/her in a participatory event within the created space. The space is designed in such a way that almost all the senses – vision, hearing, smell, touch – contribute to the perception. A visual symbolic world as well as the sound installation are purposely created and reflect the dramatic concept behind the installation. The fragrance (the smell of incense is one element that signals the theme of Sacrifice) and the physical contact with organic materials (viewers are requested to leave their shoes outside the installation space and walk on the wool that covers the floor) create additional meaning, as well as the ‘blood’ that falls in drops from the head of the main figure. These elements create a performance space where the artists’ concepts pass through the viewers’ thinking process, permitting a wide range of interpretations. Upon entering the space the viewers involuntarily become participants in the installation as they are plunged into the ambience of musical and visual symbols that demonstrate violence through poetic form.

The installation design is flexible, to allow for transformation and adjustment to new venues. Yet the space must always be secluded, so that the visitors (alone or with companions) experience certain isolation within the offered environment, in which every detail is made to speak about the proposed theme.

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