THE NERVOUS MAGIC LANTERN  - Live 3D cinema projection by  KEN JACOBS
Electronic/Concrete Music composed by GIO JANIASHVILI. Duration: 16’ 15 

The offical website for 'The Nervous Magic Lantern':

“Jacobs’ 'Nervous Magic Lantern' performances, which are with a hand-manipulated projector and use neither film nor video. Highly stroboscopic and hallucinatory, this kinetic performance results in otherworldly spaces and plays of near-abstraction and suggestive imagery. This work highlights Jacobs’ relentless experimentation with the very fabric of projected light.” - Quoted from the the website of Electronic Arts Intermix

Performnace was held at the Secret Project Robot: Art Experiment - Festival Summer of Robot: 10 Year of Music, Art and Love’ - New York City - July 10, 2015 
Music performers in the evening: JG Thirwell, DinMachine, Collapsible Shoulder, Rick Reed / Tara Bhattacharya, Gio Janiashvili.

Past music performers/composers: JG Thirwell, diNMachine, Collapsible Shoulder, Rick Reed / Tara Bhattacharya, Gio Janiashvili, Aki Onda, John Zorn.

Photos form the performance - GIO JANIASHVILI on the left hand on sound projection - PHOTOS © SAM KAM / NISI JACOBS: