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Exhibition Collaborations

1+1=3 by THINK INC | Visual Installation by Tornike Abuladze and sound installation SYNTHETIC PATHOGENE (2018) by Gio Janiashvili | Prisco Haus, Munich | 2019

MAELSTROM: Franz Marc, German Expressionism and Modernism in Georgia | Curator: Ketevan Kintsurashvili. Exposition Design: David Janiashvil. Video installation
by Gio Janiashvili | Georgian National Museum, D. Shevardnadze National Gallery, 2015 | Georgian Art Palace, 2017

| Curator: Dr. Ketevan Kintsurashvili. Exposition Designer: David Janiashvili. Sound installation AFTER ANTIGONE'S DEATH by Gio Janiashvili | Georgian National Museum - D. Shevardnadze National Gallery, Tbilisi | 2015

| Sound installation by Gio Janiashvili for the exhibition of Tornike Abuladze | Alte Brauerei Stegen, Ammersee, Munich | 2015

| The multimedia installation by David Janiashvili. Music by Gio Janiashvili | Marjanishvili Theatre, Tbilisi 2014 | Garikula, Georgia Fest I Nova 2017

| Mechanical marimba/sculpture by Gerhard TRIMPIN | Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London | 2012

VAJA PSHAVELA | Visual installation by Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili and sound installation THOUGHT IS BOUNDLESS LIKE THE WORLD by Gio Janiashvili | The National Gallery in Prague, Georgian National Exhibition at the 12th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space | Tbiilisi History Museum, Georgia | 2011

Cinema Collaborations

HUMPTY DUMPTY | Animation | Georgian translation and illustrations: Ketevan Kintsurashvili. Animation concept and design: David Janiashvili. Animation: Nikoloz Aduashvili. Original music: Gio Janiashvili | 2020

| Commisioned by the Polish National Institute in Tbilisi | Design by David Janiashvili. Music by Gio Janiashvili. Animation by Nikoloz Aduashvili | Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi.

NERVOUS MAGIC LANTERN | 3D projection by Ken Jacobs. Music by Gio Janiashvili | Festival Summer of Robot | Secret Project Robot, New York | 2015

STEEL FACTORY | Video by Tornike Abuladze | Music by Gio Janiashvili MEDITATION FOR STEEL FACTORY (2012) for organ/synth and sound | 2012

CREATIVE CITIES | Film for the festival: Surrogate Cities Exploded! Music by Gio Janiashvili | Southbank Centre, The Royal Festival Hal, and Canary Wharf, London | 2012

Dance and Performance Collaborations

RUDE HEALTH PERFORMANCE | Multimedia performance and installation event organized by Trinity Laban composers: Gio Janiashvili, Timothy Cape, Edward Henderson, Will Handysides, Barry O'Halplin, Ben Corrigan | Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London | 2013

BA in Dance Show
by Trinity Laban choreographers | Music by Gio Janiashvili | Laban Bonnie Bird Theatre, London | 2011

| Multimedia concert and performance organized by Trinity Laban composers | Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London 2011

MUTE CODES | The dance performance by Marie Brenneis. Electronic music from UPATRONO URO: THE HAMMER WITHOUT A MASTER by Gio Janiashvili | 2010

ANARCHY | The dance performance by Marie Brenneis. Electronic music from UPATRONO URO: THE HAMMER WITHOUT A MASTER by Gio Janiashvili | 2010

DECEMBER 1952 by Earl Brown
| The collaborative dance and musical performance directed by Lizzy Kew Ross and Ian Mitchelperformed | Laban Bonnie Bird Theatre, Royal Festival Hall Ballroom of Southbank Centre, East 15 Acting School, East 15 Acting School, Metropolitan University and Newham College, London | Trumpet and movement performance, and contribution to musical concepts (and stage design at Laban Theatre) by Gio Janiashvili | 2010-2011






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